The Shiver Me Timbers gallery: a collection of items that we’ve had through the yard in the last few months. We are always on the look out for new stock, so it you have something you think we’d like, pop down and see us, or get in touch via email or phone.

Truthwall Industrial Estate, Crowlas, Cornwall, TR20 9BW

Phone: 01736 711338


  • table2
  • Austin 7 Electric Car
    Austin 7 Electric Car
  • Painted Pine Trunks from
    Painted Pine Trunks from
  • table1
  • Painted Mahogany Pigeon Holes – Railway-Shipping
    Painted Mahogany Pigeon Holes – Railway-Shipping
  • Work in Progress
    Work in Progress
  • Made table reclamied pine
    Made table reclamied pine
  • Prep Table – Butchers Block
    Prep Table – Butchers Block
  • Victorian Mahogany Drawers
    Victorian Mahogany Drawers
  • Drawer unit
    Drawer unit
  • Throne
  • Chairs